Tomorrow is April first, aka the first day of National Grilled Cheese Month. Here’s a look at a few of the 21 grilled cheese sandwiches I made last year in celebration of the most glorious and cheesy month of the year. 


Back in the beginning of April I set out to celebrate National Grilled Cheese Month by creating as many bougie grilled cheese sandwiches as possible. Even though I wasn’t posting the sandwiches on Tumblr, I continued the adventure on Instagram and I ended up making 21 variations on the humble grilled cheese. 

8. Buffalo Chicken Melt

fresh mozzarella, avocado ranch, caramelized onion, pancetta, buffalo chicken


9. Spicy Double Decker Croque

3 slices bread, ham, avocado, sriracha, muenster cheese, aged parmesean sauce on top


10. Bougie Tuna Melt

seared pepper crusted tuna, truffle pesto mayo, heirloom tomato, colby cheese


11. Grilled Cheezus

mozzarella sticks, spicy gouda, mild cheddar, feta, muenster, pepper jack,aged provolone, st andre triple creme


12. The Bougie All American

white bread, american cheese, black truffle butter


13. The Garfield

fresh mozzarella, lasagna with ricotta and bolognese


14. My Big Fat Greek Patty Melt

 feta stuffed lamb burger, artichoke hearts, spinach, pepper jack cheese, garlic mayo


#NationalGrilledCheeseMonth Sandwiches 1-7

#NationalGrilledCheeseMonth Sandwiches 15-21

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